Z Type Clevis Z-7

Z Type Clevis Z-7

Link fitting are used to link clamps to insulator, or to link insulator and ground wire clamps to tower arms or subjection structures. Link fitting have special type and common type in accordance with mounting condition. The special type includes the ball-eye and socket-clevis linking with insulator. The common type is usually pin connected type. They have different grades according to the load and are exchangeable for the same grade.

Link fitting are used for insulators, suspension clamp, train clamp, and protective fittings connected to form a suspension or tension string set of fittings.

The meanings of letter & Arabic figures in the catalog are shown as follow:

Q- ball eye   P- plane, parallel   W- socket clevis   S- double   U- U type

L- yoke plate, tension rod, rhomb   Z- 90° angle   Y- extension   B- plate

T- Adjustable.

The cotter pin are stainless steel, the other parts hot-dip galvanized steel.