Strain Clamps for Welding Hydraulic Compression Type

Strain Clamps for Welding Hydraulic Compression Type

Strain clamps are used to fix conductor and ground wire through insulators or link fitting to tower arms or substation structures. According to the clamp construction and mounting way, the clamps include three types as compression type, bolt type and wedge type. The compression type includes hydraulic type and explosive type.

The meaning of letter & Arabic figure in the catalog are shown as follow:

N- strain clamp   L- bolt type   D- inverse mounting   Y- hydraulic type   B- explosive type

The figures mean the of assembled leads which apply to each other numbers.

Additional letter: A- jumper 0°   B- jumper 30°   The radius of curvature is more than eight fold diameter of the suitable conductor, the percentage minimum slip strength of clamps to rated ultimate strength of conductor is shown in the following table.

Clamp bodies are aluminium alloy, the other parts are steel and hot-dip galvanized.