Spool Insulators ANSI standard

Spool Insulators ANSI standard

The Shackle & Spool insulators for use on LV cables, these insulators are designed to secure cables to cross arms and buildings.

Porcelain / ceramic spool insulator technical data:

Porcelain spool insulator or ceramic reel insulator definition: 

Porcelain spool insulator or ceramic reel insulator is an insulator of generally cylindrical form. Porcelain spool insulator has an axial mounting hole and a circumferential groove or grooves for the attachment of a conductor. 

The usage of ceramic reel insulator:

Porcelain spool insulator ANSI 53-1, ANSI 53-2 or reel insulator S.05 are usually used on distribution line and fixed on wooden poles, and ceramic insulator ANSI 53-1, 53-2 and reel insulator S.05 are normally used for low voltage.     

Porcelain / ceramic spool insulator types: 

ANSI 53-1, ANSI 53-2, ANSI 53-3, ANSI 53-4, ANSI 53-5 according to ANSI C29.3 

The color of ceramic spool insulator: brown, gray, white.  

The strength of porcelain spool insulator: 

ANSI 53-1: 8.9kN       ANSI 53-2: 13.3kN      ANSI 53-3: 17.8kN  

ANSI 53-4: 20kN       ANSI 53-5: 27kN 

1617: 9.2kN           1617-1: 10.2kN 

S.05: 17.8kN