Solid-Core Station Post Insulator ANSI standard TR series

Solid-Core Station Post Insulator ANSI standard TR series

The LIFENG production facilities for TR station post insulators manufacture in full accordance with ANSI C29.9. Insulation requirements are available in ratings from 95kV to 2050kV BIL. Special requirements can be also offered upon request.

This catalog, which includes standard ANSI TRs as well as extra high strength, additional creepage distance and different BCD, is updated continuously.

Glazing is grey in accordance to ANSI Z55.1 and conforms to Munsell notation 5BG 7.0/0.4. Brown glaze is also available. Semi-conductive surface glazing can be provided for special polluted environments.

Porcelain station post insulator, ceramic solid core insulator: 

Porcelain station post insulator is a high voltage ceramic post insulator for power frequency AC voltage 40.5KV ~ 550KV Outdoor power stations, substations and electrical equipment devices. Porcelain station post insulator provides insulation and support function.

High voltage ceramic solid core insulator is divided into common type and anti-pollution fog type. Ceramic solid core high voltage insulator has four contamination levels. High voltage ceramic solid core insulator is designed with large and small alternative shed. If there is more spacing between large sheds, the rain can not easily be bridged, and the bid shed also can protect small shed. This way can greatly improve the electrical performance of the ceramic solid core insulator.

Porcelain material is divided into different strength levels, and made by medium aluminum porcelain and high aluminum porcelain separately. All the assembly adopts sand application first. And high strength porcelain adopts compression glaze and compression sand. This improves the strength of the ceramic part cement ability of the porcelain station post insulator.

Solid-core ceramic insulator may be manufactured according to IEC, ANSI, BS and other standards, with cantilever strength from 4kN to 18kN, which is used on 15kV to 750kV station and substation.