Porcelain Shackle Insulators IEC and SA standard

Porcelain Shackle Insulators IEC and SA standard

The Shackle & Spool insulators for use on LV cables, these insulators are designed to secure cables to cross arms and buildings.

Porcelain / ceramic spool insulator technical data:

Porcelain / ceramic shackle insulator definition: 

Porcelain shackle insulator or ceramic shackle insulator is used with bracket to change angle or direction of conductor, the main type number of shackle insulator is ED-2B... 

Ceramic shackle insulator is an insulator of generally cylindrical form. Ceramic shackle insulator has two or more sheds and an axial mounting hole. Through the thread nails, ceramic shackle insulator can be fixed firmly. 

Porcelain shackle insulator application:     

Porcelain shackle insulatoris suitable for overhead transmission and distribution line terminal, and fixed on tension rod or angle pole to supporting conductors and playing a role in insulating. 

As one part of electrical fitting strings, porcelain shackle insulator is used in order to simplify the fitting structure, and porcelain shackle insulator is normally used in 400V lines. Ceramic shackle insulator is widely used in the line with the ceramic suspension insulator.  

Porcelain / ceramic shackle insulator types:  shackle insulator ED-2B, ED-2B2...