Our Vision: To Create Cost-effective Insulators 

• Continue to listen to and meet the needs of users, guide and exceed user needs, and win the respect of users; 

• By elevating the status of enterprises and brand image, so that employees with high sense of honor and pride, win the respect employees; 

• Promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, with partners to grow and win industry respect; 

• Focus on corporate responsibility, care for the community, giving back to the community, winning social respect. 

Company Values: Professionalism, Dedication, Integrity, and Win-win 

• Innovation aimed at creating value for customers; 

• Everyone can be creative, everything can be creative; 

• Daring to try, don't fear failure, good at summing up. 

Business Philosophy: Value For All Users 

• Focus on long-term development, not because of business interests hurt user value; 

• Concern and a deep understanding of customer needs, and constantly to excellence in products and services to meet user needs; 

• Importance to emotional communication with users, respect for user experience, growing with users. 

Our Mission: To Provide Customers With Cost-effective Wiring Solutions, Adding Value To Our Products And To Improve The Service 

• Makes products and services like water and electricity flow into people's lives, comfort and pleasure for people; 

• Focused on different regions, different groups, different objects and provide differentiated products and services; 

• Create open and win-win platform, work with partners to create a healthy Internet environment.  

Nalian After-sales Service to Adhere to The "Three Ones": 

1. adhere to a service concept: customers want to think, worry about customer's urgency; 

2. abide by a pledge: rapid response and timely resolution, quality service; 

3. following a service standard: customer satisfaction is measured only.