Pin Type Insulator PQ-20T

Pin Type Insulator PQ-20T

The following pin insulator comply with the GB Standard. The glaze color of the insulator are Brown or Gray.


Diameter (D): 175mm

Height (H): 185mm

Creepage Distance: 340mm

Mechanical Values:

Cantilever Strength: 13kN

Electrical Values:

Typical Application Voltage: 20kV

Power Frequency Dry Withstand Voltage: 75kV

Power Frequency Wet Withstand Voltage: 45kV

Dry Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage: 110kV

Power Frequency Puncture Voltage: 145kV

Radio Influence Voltage Data:

Test Voltage RMS to Ground: 22kV

Maximum RIV at 1000 kHz: 100μV

Packing and Shipping Data:

Net Weight, Approximate: 4.1kg