Ball & Socket coupling LXAP2-160 (U160BP)

Ball & Socket coupling LXAP2-160 (U160BP)


Diameter (D): 16 9/16 inch (420mm)

Spacing (H): 6 11/16 inch (170mm)

Leakage Distance: 15 3/8 inch (390mm)

Mechanical Values:

Mechanical Failing Load: 36,000 Pounds (160kN)

Tension Proof: 18,000 Pounds (80kN)

Electrical Values:

Low Frequency Dry Flashover Voltage: 75kV

Low Frequency Wet Flashover Voltage: 50kV

Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage, Positive: 105kV

Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage, Negative: 105kV

Low Frequency Puncture Voltage: 130kV

Radio Influence Voltage Data:

Test Voltage RMS to Ground: 10kV

Maximum RIV at 1000 kHz: 50μV

Packing and Shipping Data:

Net Weight, Approximate: 8.0kg