Aluminium Alloy Suspension Clamps (Corona-proof Type)

Aluminium Alloy Suspension Clamps (Corona-proof Type)

Suspension clamps are used to hang conductor or ground wire through insulators or link fitting to tower arms or substation structures. The clamps are made of malleable iron or aluminium alloy.

The suspension angle of suspension clamps is not less than 25℃, the radius of curvature is not less than the diameter of installed leads by 8-10, and the percentage of the grip on different kinds of leads to the calculating capability of snap shows in following table.

The meanings of the letter & Arabic figure in the catalog are shown as follow:

X- suspension clamp   G- fixed   S- double clamp   U- U bolt   J- strength   H- aluminium alloy 

F- corona control   K- under axle type   T- envelope   A-with a socket-clevis   B- with U clevis   C- hang-down type

As the suspension clamps are used to AAC and ACSR, the conductor may be wound by aluminium tapes or preformed armour rods for protecting these taps or rods are included in the diameter of suitable conductor.

The percentage slip strength of suspension clamp to clamp to rated ultimate strength of conductors is shown in the following table.

The clamp body and keepers are aluminium alloy, cotter-pin is stainless steel, the other parts are hot-dip galvanized steel.