220kV (252kV) Post Composite Insulators Insulator

220kV (252kV) Post Composite Insulators Insulator

Composite Pin / line post insulators consist of a cylindrical solid insulating core, bearing the mechanical load, protected by an elastomer housing, the loads being transmitted to the core by metal fittings. Despite these common features, the materials used and the construction details employed by different manufacturers may be different.

Line post insulators are often used in braced structures whose geometry varies from line to line. A combined loading test to reproduce the complex loading cases in such structures is outside the scope of this standard and it would be very difficult to specify a general test which covers the majority of geometry and loading cases. In order to give some guidance, annex B explains how to calculate the moment in the insulators resulting from combined loads. This moment can then be equated to an equivalent bending load or stress for design purposes.

220kV (252kV) Post Composite Insulator Diagram  

Main Dimensions and Characteristics of 220kV (252kV) Post Composite Insulator

Note: Product’s dimension, characteristics, connecting type, shed color, etc. can be designed and manufactured in accordance with customer's requirements.