12kV、24kV Composite Hollow Insulators Insulator

12kV、24kV Composite Hollow Insulators Insulator

Up to now, hollow core composite insulators have been most typically used as a direct one-for-one replacement for porcelain.


“Hollow composite insulators have several distinct advantages over porcelain in terms of performance,”

  1. Light- ideal for use in areas prone to seismic disturbances.

  2. Hydrophobicity-they perform well under polluted service conditions.

  3. Safety, free from exploding porcelain shell.

  4. Shorter delivery time than porcelain

12kV、24kV Composite Hollow Insulator Diagram  

Main Dimension and Characteristics of 12kV、24kV Composite Hollow Insulator

Note: Product’s dimension, characteristics, connecting type, shed color, etc. can be designed and manufactured in accordance with customer's requirements.