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With super quality, competitive prices and excellent professional service, we gain very good reputation in porcelain insulators industry in China, our company growth very rapidly, we become one of largest overhead transmission line insulators and electric power fittings factory, producer, manufacturer, supplier and exporter throughout the world. 

One leading exporter and supplier of porcelain insulator and electric fittings in China

About Us

Was established in 1992

MINQING HONGDIAN ELECTRONIC CERAMICS & ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. established in Jan. 1992, is located in No. 380 Taiding, Yunlong, Minging, Fuzhou, Fujian, China, with a registered capital of USD 280 thousand. Focusing on the construction and development of power grid, our company is the world's leading power transmission and transformation insulators manufacturer and national high-tech enterprise...


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Porcelain Pin Type Insulator

Ceramic Line Post Insulator

Porcelain Guy Type Insulator

Ceramic Spool Insulator

Porcelain  Pin Post Insulator

Ceramic Suspension Insulator

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Only a company that develops, produces and delivers products worldwide can provide the optimal solution for your requirements. The specialists of Hongdian are dedicated to supplying you with superior advice and global support. Hongdian quality products and service provide time-tested value to fulfill your needs!