With super quality, competitive prices and excellent professional service, we gain very good reputation in porcelain insulator and electric fittings industry in China, our company growth very rapidly, in May, 2013, we invest to build our second porcelain insulator factory, our new factory, we specialized in transmission and distribution line insulators and electric power fittings manufacturer in China.

We are one leading specialized manufacturer of various high and low voltage porcelain insulator, glass insulator, composite insulator, electric power fittings, including 160kN, 120kN and below suspension porcelain disc insulator, fog type disc insulator, pin insulator, line post insulator, insulator for cross arm, strain insulator, spool insulator, shackle insulator, post and hollow insulator under 35kV, and other more than 1000 kinds of insulator. 

Our company own very strong technical strength in insulator field. Our technology of manufacturing adopts domestic very advanced semi-automatic production lines, fuel adopts clean gas, and world advanced energy-saving oxide flame firing. Meanwhile, we process physics and chemistry lab, high voltage electrical lab, we establish and strengthen strict production technology and quality guarantee control system, now we are  researching high strength formula of oxide flame firing, after success we can produce over 160kN porcelain disc suspension insulators for high voltage to fill in the grap of high-voltage and high tons products in Fujian. 

Our products are in strictly compliance with the standards of IEC, BS, ANSI, and GB. Our company follow the spirit of enterprise “CUSTOMERS RESPECTED AS GOD, QUALITY FIRST, HONESTY AND CREDIT, TECHNOLOGY PROSPECT ENTERPRISE” to reward all clients. 

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Fuzhou, Fujian, China